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Commercial kitchen exhaust air ducting

A grease duct is a duct that is connected to the Kitchen Exhaust hood and is specifically designed to vent grease, smoke and other harmful contaminants

Fresh air ducting

Fresh air intake vents are simply the way your home takes in fresh outside air, making sure the air inside your home isn't overtaken by contaminated or toxic air. 


Supply Air ducting

Supply vents are connected to your supply ducts, which blow conditioned air into your indoor spaces. 

Aluminum Air Ducting

Flexible aluminum tube used for distribution of hot air, as part of ventilation system, or air-condition system.

MS Air Ducting

Mild Steel is a popular material for air conditioning ducts. They are fabricated from hot rolled or cold rolled black steel sheets. These sheets contain 0.16%-0.29% carbon.


SS Air Ducting

Stainless Steel Duct(SS Duct) mostly recommended for special applications such as commercial Kitchen Extraction, Highly corrosive environment 

Round GI Air Ducting

Round hvac ducts are definitely the more common type of duct work, and the advantage of round ducts are: increase air flow, quick installation, less friction, better for medium to high pressure systems. Usage- hvac ducting. Material of construction - GI. Application - air conditioning, ventilation.

Spiral GI Air Ducting

Spiral duct is a rigid spirally wound tube manufactured of steel metal, most often galvanised steel, but also: stainless steel, aluminium or copper.


Elliptical GI Air Ducting

The Ducting is usedin Tunnels with low cross sectional area where it can be accommodated due toits unique feature.


A duct silencer is a component of ventilation system used to reduce noise transmitted inside ventilation ductwork. Duct silencers are also referred to as sound attenuators, sound traps or mufflers.

Sound Attenuators

A sound attenuator, or duct silencer, sound trap, or muffler, is a noise control acoustical treatment of Heating Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) ductwork designed to reduce transmission of noise through the ductwork, either from equipment into occupied spaces in a building, or between occupied spaces.


GI Round Coller Damper

Round GI Duct Volume Control Damper have round blade and frame for applications as manual balancing dampers

GI Square Vcd

The VCD volume control damper range have been designed to provide positive control of air flow within ventilation and air conditioning systems. 

GI Square Fire Dampers

Fire dampers (or fire shutters) are passive fire protection products used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts to prevent and isolate the spread of fire inside the ductwork through fire-resistance rated walls and floors.


Acoustic Insulation GI Air Ducting

The product reduces noise from the HVAC motors travelling though the ducts into the rooms while it's thermal performance helps maintain a consistent air temperature throughout the long network of ducts.

Thermal Insulation for GI Air Ducting

The insulation of the ducts ensures that the air flowing through the duct system remains at the desired temperature and does not escape.

Commercial Kitchen Chimney

A kitchen chimney is an electronic appliance that sucks smoke, odor, and oil to keep your kitchen clean and nongreasy.

  • It protects kitchen tiles, marble, or wood from sticky grease and oil.
  • It also helps to keep the kitchen wall, ceiling, cabinet, and furniture blackish-color-free.

Kitchen Exhaust

Commercial kitchen exhaust air ducting

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